About CSDL

• CRYSTAL, is a home of highly experienced Researchers, Marketing and Management Consultants operating in Bangladesh. With proven track record of delivering an international standard of services at competitive cost, our top team has an enviable working experience of handling over 2500 research projects across the country, in all sorts of economies.

Customer Base – Our top team have a vast experience as a major market research supplier in the country over a short span of time, the team serves both local and overseas customers dealing in a variety of industries, categories and brands.

Our major customer experiences came from telecom sector followed by various others including Tobacco, Building & construction materials, Food and beverage, Toiletries & cosmetics, International Development Organizations and other International Research Agencies.

• Among many other milestone studies, we have huge credentials of successfully running the largest telecom sector Brand Health Tracking Studies, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Mystery Shopping, among others, for around 9 years. Methods we used and outputs have been highly appreciated by international customers.

• We have developed a unique FGD protocol capable of delivering research summary and report at a very high speed. We are fully equipped to launch such research hardly within 48 hours notice. The method is found extremely useful for pre-testing of ad campaign at its creative development.